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Businesses in the USA are losing $1,000,000,000 annually to voluntary turnover.

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Why Projects

The Cost of Poor Fit
Turnover due to poor cultural fit costs up to 50-60% of annual salaries, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.
High Attrition
Attrition averages 75% in the first two years of employment.
Interview Ineffectiveness
Totally structured and standardized interviews improve your ability to predict a candidate's performance in a given role by at most 13%.


Discover Talent

We help companies attract candidates not found in a typical internship program, many of whom are currently employed.

Quality of Hire

Ambitionary prescreens & onboards qualified and diverse candidates, minimizing company HR paperwork burden.

Build Loyalty

Our project process allows candidates to find their social match and build confidence in their new team.

How It Works

For Companies


Project Formulation & Candidate Search/Evaluation

Define each project scope and goals with the job description in mind. Leverage project requirements to define required candidate attributes. Search and identify skill and social matches. Leverage technology to compliment search filtering. Customize the review process.


Candidate Selection, Confirmation and Agreement


Project & Hiring Decisions

Ambitionary’s employment agreements and NDA’s are formulated/signed before candidates start work. Approve and complete reference checks and background checks.

The candidate(s) and project manager from a working relationship with weekly check-ins that build trust and rapport. Candidate(s) present their work and receive feedback from their prospective teams. The candidate(s) and company mutually decide to turn the project into full time employment.

Typical Project Timeline

Week 1: Project Formulation

We work with HR department, the prospective manager and a comparable employee to establish a project based on the job description and evaluative criteria. 

Week 2: Candidate Search

The micro-internship position is posted to our pre-selected candidates and to connected platforms. Our team evaluates potential matches and conducts preliminary vetting, then shortlists up to three candidates per project role to send to the company.

Week 3: Confirmation and Contracts

The company decides which candidates to work with and sends out NDA’s and work forms to be signed. By the end of Week 3 candidates will have been on-boarded, briefed on requirements, and met their team leader.

Weeks 4-8: Project

We recommend that projects are a minimum of 10 hours total. Typical projects average closer to 40 hours, with a duration of two to eight weeks. If a company is trying to hire someone who is still working or in school during the process, there should be no more than 5-10 hours of work required per week, anything more than this will not allow the candidates to showcase their best work.

Week 8: Hiring Decisions

Once the final presentation is given or the final deliverable is sent, the company is required to give the candidate written feedback that is constructive. If 75% of project criteria are met, the company is encouraged to hire the candidate, however there is no obligation to hire any candidate for any reason.

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Unlimited project or virtual internship matches

Up to 2

Dedicated client success associate

Custom project matchmaking

Number of project hires

Platform Pricing*

*Platform pricing is separate from payments to project hires. Permanent placement fees are also due upon hiring for full time employment.

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