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3 Easy Tips for a Successful Job Interview

by Kevin Sullivan

Q&A with Kevin on job interviews tips:

1. What should you do to prepare before the call?

Aside from the usual (have your resume ready, a notepad & pen etc), I advise applicants to dress the part. When you dress up like you would for church or work, psychologically, you feel there is greater importance to your situation. It puts your mind in "doing business" mode, and for many people that adds focus and professionalism - great qualities to showcase while interviewing.

2. What should you do to impress the interviewer during the call?

Write down their name at the top of your notepad. big & bold just like this so you don't forget it. Avoid those cringeworthy name-forgetting situations altogether.

3. What should you do after the call to show you are interested?

Just like dating, don't be too interested at first. Give it 3-4 days and follow up with a simple email. There are usually multiple candidates interviewing at the same time, so when a candidate follows up 3 days later, the interviewer still remembers the candidate. Wait 7 days or more, and the interviewer might not even remember the inevitable.

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