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Choosing a new career path

By Michael Miller

Having been in recruitment since 1997, I have now worked with tens of thousands of job candidates and for hundreds of client companies from Fortune 100 large companies to start ups. Many of the job candidates I’ve worked with were in their second or even third career field. In 2021 I became a co-founder of Ambitionary, a micro-employment marketplace, arranging paid projects for employers and candidates to evaluate each other’s fit prior to permanent employment. These projects can be anywhere from ten to forty total hours and take from two to eight weeks to complete.

We see this as an innovative new source of talent for employers, but also a perfect vehicle for career changers. Working on a paid project for a potential new employer allows the candidate to demonstrate their ability in a career that they lack experience in. It will also allow the candidate to learn if they would enjoy working with the people at this company. If it ends up not being a fit, they now have gained some experience in their new chosen career that they can use to gain more attention from other employers in the same field. The candidates are paid for their project work, and are usually able to keep their current employment while working on the project in their non-work hours. The past couple of years has seen many things change, and careers are no exception. Remote working, hybrid schedules, and perhaps different priorities have caused many to re-evaluate what they want out of their career. While there are a variety of reasons that people change careers, they all face the daunting task of starting over in a new field where they lack experience. Every generation has increased the number of career changes over the previous generations. Now, companies and tools are becoming more readily available because there is an ever-increasing need. Companies like Ambitionary help bridge the gap into their new chosen career.

If you enjoy reading about solutions to career transition, please follow Ambitionary on Linkedin or subscribe to our article series directly on Ambitionary.

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