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Early career moves set you up for success

by Kevin Sullivan

This summer, college interns returned to the office after Covid cancelled or drastically altered 2020 internships. Or did they return to the office?

In the pandemic with everyone working remotely, it has changed much about the fabric of what comprises internships. Whether an intern is based in an office or remotely does not matter any longer because their managers are mostly based remotely; either way, direct supervision of interns is a thing of the past.

Now that the workforce has moved away from the office, interns need to demonstrate their stewardship in ever different ways from before. How does a remotely-based intern demonstrate eagerness, diligence, focus, competency - highly desirable soft skills - through a computer screen?

The good news for some, and bad news for others, is that those soft skills now matter more than ever being remotely-based, as opposed to mattering less. How a person interacts with their colleagues digitally can be a make-or-break situation for interns looking to keep their positions post-graduation.

These next gen employees have practice though, and they’re likely much more skilled at digital communication than their older colleagues. Digital communication is now ingrained within each new generation - did you see recently that ‘Yeet’ is now in the Oxford dictionary?

The fears many managers may have about remote-based interns is likely unwarranted. Some interns will misbehave, slack off, and need some “corporate maturity,” and some interns always will. That's why we have interns, interns are the world’s oldest “try before you buy” profession. We have come up with a platform that facilitates keeping the desirable next-gen rainmakers for companies, and lets organizations screen out the undesirables rapidly.

Internships need not be summer-based only anymore as well. With Ambitionary’s solution, organizations are hiring for micro-internships; 10 - 20 paid hours per week, continuing projects that may not be finished at summer’s end.

The platform we have is a win-win: employers keep their desirable interns, and the interns have paid wages while in school. Employers can rest easier that the intern is committed to them after graduation, and interns need not stress about obtaining employment during & after school.

Covid has changed the world, including internships. At Ambitionary, we help ensure internships still work in our changed world.

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