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Methods to Attract Talent in a Flaming Hot Market - Q&A with Olivia Johnson and Kevin Sullivan

by Kevin Sullivan and Olivia Johnson

1) Olivia: With so many businesses going entirely or partially remote, their prospective talent pool – and competition for top people – has widened significantly. What, in your opinion, is the most difficult part for firms trying to recruit in today's labor market, and why?

Kevin: "Lifestyle" needs to be a consideration in every compensation package nowadays. With a high proportion of the workforce being remote, we have all learned how less expensive life is for us when the pedantic formalities of #CubeFarmLyfe need not be enforced.

Dry cleaning, gas/tolls/fares/parking, lunches, grooming, and the extra time it takes to satisfy the formalities, are worth money to a company's new hires & prospects. If pay is the same and your company's forces lifestyle expenses are more, that would seem to reason that more people would likely choose the more flexible environment.

2) Olivia: What are some unlikely places you recommend an employer look to find job candidates?

Kevin: An emerging trend we have seen with Covid is "early stage talent engagement" - other terms you may have heard are "micro-internships," "externships" and sometimes "fellowships." Companies such as have offerings to engage candidates in a way that is beneficial to both employers and candidates alike. If permanent jobs are like a marriage and contract jobs are like dating, micro-internships and the like within early stage talent engagement are like speed dating. The solutions are available through one particular platform,, making early stage talent engagement not only simple to do, but at fractional costs of traditional hiring.

3) Olivia: What is your No. 1 piece of advice for a recruiting manager wanting to hire top talent right now?

Kevin: Flexibility in everything.

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