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Mid-Career Crisis - Job Changing After 40

by Kevin Sullivan

Choosing the "best job" for people - any group of like persons - is similar to asking, "What is the best painting?" The answer is entirely subjective, and there is no consensus, ever.

The US is experiencing the micro-generation Xennials just now turning 40, and millennials are just around the corner. To figure out the "best jobs", what are our criteria? What might constitute a list of qualities our now-middle-aged peers might consider "desirable" when choosing employment? It is easy to claim that the highest pay is the most desirable, so let's explore criteria outside of compensation.

High on everyone's list after 2020 is certainly safety. A desirable employer promotes the safety and well-being of their staff, unquestioned. A compromise in safety and employers immediately compromise candidate quality.

Along the same lines as safety is flexibility. A desirable employer is working with their employees to create work arrangements conducive to living. For men and women who are also juggling family life, kids activities, and their career, inflexible work arrangements lead to less desirability in that job.

An emerging trend in Covid has been micro-employment. So then, what exactly is Micro-employment? Most jobs require you to be available and "on the clock" for certain hours of the day.

No longer are workers committed to spending 4-to-8 hours at 1 job all day, every day. Modern micro-jobs platforms such as Ambitionary allow employees to work with the flexibility many workers require.

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