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Plans for bringing back new hires

By Michael Miller

Employers are now struggling to adjust their policies and procedures to accommodate workers that used to be in the office but have been working from home during most of the pandemic. Generally, their plans are to bring the bulk of their employees back on site as their local governments, and the CDC give guidance. Around the beginning of January 2022 seems to be the common target timeframe for this to happen. Many employers are going to keep some of their employees eligible to work remotely. Some employers are exploring a hybrid schedule where their employee works remotely two or three days a week. To help with this emerging model, companies are constructing “drop-in” workspaces to accommodate these employees who will have these types of schedules.

There are companies that simply want to return to the pre-pandemic all on-site work model. The problem with this approach is that nearly all the candidates are now asking about working remotely. We will see many employees try to stay working remotely, and if that does not happen, they will look for a new job. This should be beneficial to the employers looking for new talent who will allow them to work remotely, and for staffing agencies. There is likely going to be a rise in career changers as employees look for new jobs that are more open to remote work.

One new platform that is a great fit for career changers is It’s a marketplace for micro-employment opportunities that help bridge the work experience gap when transitioning careers. Job seekers sign up for paid remote work projects that allow them to gain valuable experience in a new field. While working on a project together, both the company seeking talent and the job seeker get to know what it would be like to work together. The goal is for these projects to lead to permanent remote work arrangements.

We can expect to see many innovations as companies not only try to figure out how to manage their existing employees, but also to compete for talent in a rapidly changing landscape.

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