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Thoughts on Using an ATS for Hiring

by Kevin Sullivan

When HR professionals actually conduct their hiring, job applicants to a company's applicant tracking system (ATS) comprise the largest volume of hires that a company is engaged with. Even when compared to the 800-lbs industry gorillas, Indeed and LinkedIn, nearly every ATS is metrically superior.

The most critical component of an ATS is how easy it is for everyone to use it. ATS users include recruiters, sourcers, and candidates, but also hiring managers, recruiting and HR management, agencies, and other technologies.

So then, how does a company judge ease of use? Very easily: speed. If a system is easy to use it should be fast for everyone - candidates especially.

Does your clunky ATS have a bazillion questions that kill your candidate through-put? Too slow, Joe Manager! That Stanford grad you wanted just took a job with your competitor, while his application for your job is stuck at “Question 11.”

Does your company’s recruiting org hide behind “policies and procedures” with zero sense of urgency, all the while positions go unfilled, projects fall off, and your productivity /bonus evaporate? Been there, eff that.

In recruiting, we have a saying: “Time kills all deals.” Don’t let your Passion Project get 86ed while waiting around for your recruiting organization to get off their butts. Let Ambitionary show you what we can do.

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