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What skills will mothers need post-pandemic to return to the workforce?

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

by Kevin Sullivan

How has she “kept up” with the emerging ways in which people communicate? For a successful return to the workforce, women of all career walks should re-learn how to network in a remotely connected world. The pandemic has changed how the world conducts business, including how employment is attained and how we network with others, which requires a re-thinking of how to be successful in attaining her career aspirations. Women are innately better at network organizing than men, which is a built-in strength to employ in her favor.

Finding a job is much like online dating - what does your online ‘self-portrait’ reflect? How attractive are you to potential ‘career spouses?’ One’s LinkedIn profile need not match your Tinder profile, but professional online profiles still need to reflect the best person one can project for themselves. Job seekers - men and women alike - need to have a high-quality picture that:

  1. Is an actual picture of yourself. No cartoons or landscapes.

  2. Bright and visible; showcase one’s face with how they would appear in a professional environment. No hats or sunglasses.

  3. Photoshop it! Certainly don’t over-work your profile photo with excessive filters or bizarre cropping, but go ahead and whiten those teeth, soften glares, lighten the shadows around your eyes, and present yourself in a professional manner.

LinkedIn is a wonderful tool and needs to be treated as such, but LinkedIn is no longer the be-all/end-all for digital networking. Nearly every industry has some sort of an industry networking organization, and those organizations likely host webinars for that purpose. Sites such as, Eventbrite, and others, can be valuable for connecting with the person behind the digital persona.

When one is comfortable with the idea of networking, it then is time to abandon your fears: go talk to people you don’t know! Have a couple of ice breakers prepared to talk about when you see someone you would like to talk to. Networking is a social activity with great rewards, and remember: the other networkers are in attendance to network with you as well. Don’t be shy!

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