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Smart bosses have adapted. Why WFH is here to stay

by Kevin Sullivan

Why do so many employees want to continue working from home indefinitely, even though the pandemic is more under control today? What factors are behind this trend?


Political Scientists already know the answer to your questions - it's why, during the cold war, the US would never get taken over by Russia: freedom doesn't go backwards.

From the Cold war, the thought was that being a free society, the US would never submit to the lesser freedoms afforded by the USSR. The Soviets would have to destroy the American people if they wanted to take over the USA because Americans would rather die than submit.

The same logic applies for working remotely. If a workplace has less freedom than their competitor, the lesser-freedom workplace is going to suffer. Working from home is now a differentiator when applicants choose jobs, and that will forever be the new norm.

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